Call our Demo Numbers!

Our demo numbers provide a simple example of how you can use our Dial-a-Story, Community Resource Hotline, and Community Calendar Services.

Contact us to discuss how our services might help your library provide services to patrons without requiring a broadband connection

Deliver a new story every week, in English or in English and Spanish, with no additional staff time required.

Callers dial a local number and hear your custom welcome message, a story from our Storytime Commons, followed by your custom closing message.

Stories are selected by our staff librarians from our Storytime Commons repository of high-quality children's stories.

Customize your Dial-a-Story with multiple phone numbers and using content you create. Your staff is in control of the schedule and content.

Plus, you also get access to our Storytime Commons to supplement your own recordings.

Check out our Demo Line, featuring a rotating story selected from our Storytime Commons.

Demo Line:   (279) 205-4357

A resource hotline provides informational messages about various community resources to callers via recorded messages or by pointing to an authoritative resource and having our bot read the content aloud.

Demo Line:   (317) 751-2665

Our Community Calendar option lets callers hear a list of upcoming events read aloud to them. The calendar automatically purges past events and can be integrated with your existing website event calendar.

Demo Line:   (818) 431-2255