LibraryCall Dial-a-Story Now Available as Managed, Turnkey Service

Submitted by loriayre on Wed, 02/24/2021 - 06:33 AM PST

LibraryCall, a project of The Galecia Group, offers a Dial-a-Story service that is now available as either a fully customized service for libraries or as a turnkey service requiring no staff involvement.  

No extra work 

The turnkey Dial-a-Story service delivers a new story every week to a local phone number (provisioned by LibraryCall). Library staff publicize the service and LibraryCall staff take care of the rest.

Storylines available for English or Spanish

LibraryCall's fully managed Dial-a-Story service is available in English or Spanish.


Each service is available by subscription for $1,000/year plus one-time $250 setup fee. Unlimited numbers of callers. Stories are pulled from LibraryCall's Storytime Commons collection.

Equity and the Digital Divide

Reach patrons who only have a phone number and no Internet - now they can enjoy library services too. 

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