Library Dial-A-Story Service

How Does It Work?


Sign up with LibraryCall to reserve a local phone number in your area.


Record your own stories with any computer or smartphone, then upload to the LibraryCall cloud.


Share and use copyright-cleared stories with other libraries in LibraryCall's collaborative catalog.


Patrons call your Library Dial-A-Story phone number to hear the story you've scheduled.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • One-time Setup Fee: $500

    Includes unlimited training and planning consultation.

  • Service Plans Start at $50/month

    View our pricing page for details.

  • Consortium pricing available.

    Contact us.

Easy-to-use Management App

Our management application lets your staff easily upload audio and manage your callers' experience.

Manage Dial-A-Story phone lines and audio recordings.

Upload story recordings and set Dial-A-Story schedules.

View statistics on daily and monthly Dial-A-Story calls.

Add a LibraryCall Dial-A-Story Widget to Your Website!

Add our "Now Playing!" widget to your website to keep your patrons informed and share resource guides. Website visitors can listen to the current story without calling.

We produce printable "Read-Along Guides" for all of our stories. If you're recording your own stories, you can include your own Read-Along Guide too!

Create your own "cover" image for your website widget, or use one from our library.

The Storytime Commons

Share story recordings with other libraries and add their stories to your program. We're also working to license short-form content from children's publishers in multiple languages.