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About Us

LibraryCall is the result of our belief that everyone needs access to good information and good stories. People relying on libraries for Internet access lost a critical connection to information when libraries closed. Many of these people have nothing but a phone and a limited data plan so even using online library resources is challenging if not impossible.

We have utilized state-of-the-art cloud technology with a very simple technology - telephones - to provide a platform that is hassle-free for staff and patrons and offers an array of applications and possibilities. Our thoughtfully crafted suite of phone-based services is designed to help you reach your patrons and grow with your changing needs.

Smartphone dependency: Some 15% of U.S. adults are “smartphone-only” internet users – that is, they have a smartphone, but do not have a home broadband connection.

Mobile Technology and Home Broadband 2021
(Pew Research Center, June 3, 2021)


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About The Galecia Group

We are a team of librarians and library professionals with a passion for helping libraries leverage technology effectively. We are led by Lori Ayre, and this is a project of the Galecia Group.