LibraryCall services, including Resource Hotline and Community Calendar, are customized for every library customer. Each service requires a one-time setup fee and a monthly subscription fee (based on the number of callers and the duration of each call). Dial-a-Story is available as a customized option or a turnkey option.

Managed Dial-A-Story Option

The fully managed, turnkey Dial-a-Story option requires no staff involvement to run your program.  We provide you a local Dial-a-Story phone number and schedule a new story each week from our Storytime Commons to your storyline.  No further setup or staff involvement is required, and we'll provide a monthly report detailing the number of callers. Your storyline can be Spanish or English. 

Setup fee: $250     Subscription fee: $1,000/year

Customized LibraryCall Services

All customized LibraryCall services -- Dial-A-Story, Community Calendar, and Resource Hotline -- require a one-time setup fee and a monthly subscription tier.

Setup Fee

There is a one-time set-up fee depending on the application and its complexity:

Library Dial-A-Story $500
Community Calendar $500
Resource Hotline $300 - $1000

Monthly Subscription Tiers

Five percent discount provided for one-year subscription. Contact us for consortium/group pricing.

Monthly Fee Monthly Minutes Call Volume Estimates
$50 2,500 500 Library Dial-A-Story calls
$150 8,000 1,600 Library Dial-A-Story calls
$300 17,000 3,400 Library Dial-A-Story calls
$525 32,000 6,400 Library Dial-A-Story calls

* Pricing based on minutes. Figures shown based on typical Library Dial-A-Story call duration of 5 minutes.