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Partnering with Schools

From expanding literacy to developing new projects and enhancing comprehension skills, learn how LibraryCall helps both students and teachers.

A platform to manage & share audio content

Incorporate technology skills in the classroom with our Dial-A-Story Studio

Literacy comprehension

Student development through audiobooks

Our Dial-A-Story Studio also gives schools access to our Storytime Commons, a repository of traditional and original audiobooks sourced from all over the world. These stories can be shared with students to promote cultural awareness, contributing to a more inclusive and understanding school community, and offers a rich resource for teaching students about diversity and different perspectives.

Audiobooks provide access to stories for reluctant and emerging readers, introducing different vocabulary and storytelling styles into the classroom. The audible-only platform supports screen-free listening, minimizing visual distractions and on-screen prompts, helping children to develop their listening skills.


Students at Middlesboro High School, Kentucky, use our Dial-A-Story Studio to share stories with peers

Each week dynamic student pairs team up to read and record stories, accessible to others via a dedicated phone line we've set-up. This program fosters peer bonds, offers gratification for narrators, and brings joy to listeners. Our recording and secure storage system makes it easy to incorporate into classrooms.

Original and adapted classic stories Explore our Storytime Commons
Illustrations from original and adapted classic stories