Community Resource Hotline

How Does It Work?


Sign up with LibraryCall to reserve a local phone number in your area.


Record your own informational messages with any computer or smartphone, then upload to the LibraryCall cloud.


Or, type your messages as text and our bot will read them aloud to callers on demand.


Patrons call your ResourceLine phone number to hear the information they need.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • One-time Setup Fee: $300 - $1000

    Pricing varies depending on use of advanced features such as "Talk to a Librarian Now," voicemail recording, and interactive call routing. Contact us to discuss your needs!

  • Service Plans Start at $50/month

    View our pricing page for details.

  • Consortium pricing available.

    Contact us.

Easy-to-use Management App

Our management application lets your staff easily upload audio and manage your callers' experience.

Manage ResourceLine phone lines, topics, and audio recordings.

Upload topic recordings and configure topic and menu options.

View statistics on daily and monthly ResourceLine calls.