Frequently Asked Questions

Dial-A-Story technical questions

How many callers can call my Dial-A-Story number at the same time?

There's no limit!

How many stories can I add to my Dial-A-Story collection?

There's no limit!

How far in advance can I set my Dial-A-Story schedule?

There's no limit!

How many language options can my Dial-A-Story offer?

There's no limit!

What statistics are available?

Our app lists the number of calls per day and the number of minutes used per day.

What format should our stories be in?

Stories are broadcast as MP3 audio, but our file converter accepts any audio or video file.

Pricing and billing questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, credit cards and electronic fund transfers. We bill annually for Storytime Direct. Dial-A-Story Studio can be set-up for monthly or annual billing.

Storytime Commons and copyright questions

What is Storytime Commons?

Storytime Commons is a shared repository of audio stories and other content created by LibraryCall staff and our partner libraries. All audio content in the Commons is available for use by all libraries that participate in the LibraryCall Dial-A-Story program. Our team works to ensure that all audio content in the Commons is high-quality, respectful of all people, and clear of any copyright restrictions in the United States.

Do I have to share my library's stories in Storytime Commons?

No, sharing stories to the Commons is completely optional.

Do I need the publisher's permission to record a story for Dial-A-Story?

Yes, the right to create, publish, and/or broadcast an audio recording of a story is one of the rights reserved to the holder of a copyright. Libraries are responsible for ensuring they have permission to record any copyrighted material for use on Dial-A-Story. LibraryCall does not pre-approve stories that you record and publish for copyright compliance, but we are legally required to immediately remove any copyrighted material at the request of the copyright holder. (Reminder: all Storytime Commons content has been copyright-cleared by our editorial librarians and is safe to use!)