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Callers hear your recorded audio commentary while touring exhibits.
Choose from multiple audio, language, and navigation options to customize your experience.

How does it work?

  Sign up with LibraryCall to reserve a local phone number in your area.

  Add your recorded audio commentary to your LibraryCall Soundtrack using our staff interface.

  Visitors dial your number when beginning the tour of your exhibit, hearing your welcome message and instructions in any language you choose.

  Select our "press any key to continue" navigation model for guided tours or StoryWalk® experiences.

  Select our "press the exhibit number on your phone keypad" navigation model for self-guided tours, gallery and museum exhibitions, etc.

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How much does it cost?
  • One-time setup fee: $500
    Includes unlimited training and planning consultation.
  • Annual subscription: $1,500 (single experience/exhibit/tour),
    $1,000 (each additional simultaneous experience/exhibit/tour)

    View our pricing page for details.
  • Consortium pricing available.
    Contact us.