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Spanish Children's Stories

Our Spanish children's story collection is extensive and wonderfully diverse, featuring a wide array of content.

Adaptations of traditional Spanish language tales, our new original stories, as well as translated stories originating from around the world, all find a place in our Spanish collection.

Our librarian content team place great importance on the process of selecting content, translating with care, and matching each story with the right narrator to ensure we deliver an authentic, high-quality product designed to engage our young listeners and broaden their world.

Authenticity drives our passion for Spanish stories

Heading our Spanish content development team is Lorena Romero, a native of Mexico City.

Lorena holds certification as an English/Spanish translator and also serves as a Youth Services Librarian at the Santa Clara Public Library, leading initiatives for Spanish outreach.

“Our Spanish content team focuses on translating and adapting classic tales that everyone knows and loves, as well as creating original stories that will resonate to children growing up in Spanish-speaking households.

We understand that many of our young listeners are learning in English and Spanish simultaneously, which can be overwhelming. When we translate stories, we ensure to use language that’s easy to understand. Our narrators are native Spanish speakers that deliver these wonderful tales with energy and enthusiasm. Our highest priority is to produce authentic stories, whether classics or originals, that Spanish-speaking families will love.”

Original and adapted classic stories Explore our Storytime Commons
Illustrations from original and adapted classic stories