We're in a rural area and many in our community don't have access to dependable internet. LibraryCall is a fantastic way to continue to be of service to our patrons who might feel disconnected otherwise.

Mellisa Hannum - Youth Services Librarian, Nevada County Library
The Storytime Commons

Share story recordings with other libraries and add their stories to your program. We're also working to license short-form content from children's publishers in multiple languages.

Storytime Direct
girl listening to headphones
  • Local numbers available throughout the US and Canada.
  • Callers hear your welcome message and our Story of the Week, available in English and Spanish.
  • No staff time commitment.
Dial-A-Story Studio
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  • Easily record and upload your own stories with any smartphone or laptop.
  • Share stories with other libraries in our Storytime Commons.
  • Use our simple web app to assign stories on a daily, weekly, or custom schedule.
Community Calendar
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  • Callers hear a list of upcoming events in chronological order.
  • Record and upload audio descriptions of events or our bot can "read aloud" event descriptions from your existing website event calendar.
  • Past events are automatically cleared from the calendar without staff intervention.
Community Resource Hotline
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  • Automatically answer questions and provide local information to patrons.
  • Staff record and upload audio messages in any language for up to 1000 categories or topics.
  • Include real-time info from a website, such as COVID testing site locations.
Patron Wellness Check
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Available Spring 2021

  • Contact community members with an automated "check-in" message.
  • Connect people with services upon request via text message or phone.
  • Enable members of vulnerable groups to enroll.