LibraryCall Kids! The first audiobook app just for children!

Photograph of young boy listening to headphones while drawing. A cute rainbow-colored parade of story characters and settings stream above her head including an astronaut, a dinosaur, a whale, a turtle, and stars.

Stories that kids can download and keep forever

Our engaging selection of stories for children ages 3-10 will spark kids' imaginations while boosting their language development and early literacy skills.

Image of a phone with the app on the screen and annotations listing the app features. Features include:
				Easy navigation, clear and uncomplicated app layout.
				Story category, press the icon or name to go back to the story category menu. In the screenshot, the category is 'Animals.'
				Now playing, cover illustrating the story playing. In the screenshot, the story is 'The Little Bear & the Prickly Porcupine' and features a cartoon bear and a cartoon porcupine.
				Favorite, add a story to favorites with a single tap. There is an icon of a heart.
				Story description, brief description for early readers and parental reassurance. The example description on screen is 'A bear cub comes face-to-face with a porcupine and learns a hard lesson.'
				Story control, plain and simple options. On the screen, this feature points to a traditional play button, pause button, and stop button.

How the subscription works:

  1. Easy Access
    Integrate the LibraryCall Kids! app directly into your library's website for easy discovery by patrons. We handle setup and patron authentication seamlessly.
  2. User-Friendly Browsing
    Kids and their guardians can effortlessly navigate our library of diverse stories, highlight favorites, and download stories directly to their devices.
  3. Unrestricted Listening
    Say goodbye to DRM hassles. Whether your patrons are online or offline, they'll enjoy uninterrupted story sessions anytime, anywhere.
  4. Everlasting Stories
    As our library partner, enjoy regular additions to our story collection and app updates. And here's our promise: stories downloaded by patrons are theirs to keep forever, with no expirations or take-backs.

LibraryCall Kids! launching Winter 2023, library sign-up prices coming soon!

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