Quickstart Guide

1. Selecting your phone number(s)

Our phone service can offer telephone numbers across the United States and Canada.  We'll help you select a memorable number or numbers based on your library's geography.  Toll-free numbers are also available.  In some circumstances, we can move or forward your existing number to our service.  Your number will be ready within 1-2 business days after selection.

2. Recording your welcome and goodbye messages

Your Dial-A-Story phone numbers will include multiple automated messages, including an introductory message and menu instructions, such as "press 1 for English."  You will need to create audio recordings for each of these messages and upload them using our LibraryCall Manager application. Watch our "how-to" video for recording tips.


A single-language Dial-A-Story line has a single Welcome Message and a single Goodbye Message, played before and after the scheduled story, respectively.

Example Welcome Message:  "Thanks for calling the Anytown Library Dial-A-Story Line.  Here's this week's story!"

Example Goodbye Message: "Thanks for listening to this week's story.  A new story is available every Tuesday.  Come visit us at the library!"


A multilingual Dial-A-Story line requires a multilingual welcome menu message to let callers know what languages are available.  You can have an unlimited number of languages available.

Example Multilingual Menu Message: "You have reached the Anytown Public Library Dial-A-Story line. Press 1 for English. Ha llegado al Telecuento de la Biblioteca Pública de Anytown. Presione 2 para Español."

In addition, a multilingual Dial-A-Story line has a Welcome Message and Goodbye Message for each language's scheduled story, played before and after the scheduled story respectively, as shown in the "Single-language" section above.

3. Recording your own stories 

Use your phone or computer's default voice recorder app to record a story and upload it to our LibraryCall Manager app.  You can manage all of your stories by using the app's built-in metadata fields.  Our file converter feature allows you to upload your existing storytime videos and convert them into Dial-A-Story-ready audio recordings.

4. Browsing Storytime Commons for stories

All of our Storytime Commons stories -- pre-approved for quality and copyright authorization -- can easily be previewed directly in our LibraryCall Manager app.  Full metadata and license information is also available so you can find the perfect story for your Dial-A-Story service. 

5. Scheduling stories on your Dial-A-Story phone number

Use the LibraryCall Manager app to easily build your Dial-A-Story schedule in advance.  Select stories for each language and assign dates based on a daily, weekly, or custom rotation.  

6. Launch your Dial-A-Story service!

It's time to let your community know about your Dial-A-Story service; launch your outreach, awareness, and marketing efforts!  We offer poster, flyer, and bookmark templates for our LibraryCall customers to use.  Consider obtaining volunteer local celebrity readers, such as local radio DJs, school teachers, TV weather presenters, etc., for additional publicity opportunities.

7. Monitor and improve

Use our statistics feature to monitor usage of your Dial-A-Story service and tailor future stories to your community's desires.