Community Calendar

How Does It Work?

  Sign up with LibraryCall to reserve a local phone number in your area.

  Integrates in minutes with your existing website event calendar, reading upcoming events aloud to callers.

  Or, record your own custom event descriptions with any computer or smartphone, then upload to the LibraryCall cloud.

  Patrons call your Community Calendar phone number to hear upcoming events read aloud.

Image of person holding a mobile phone near their ear

Easy-to-use Management App

Our management application lets your staff easily upload audio and manage your callers' experience.

Screenshot of the manager dashboard for Community Calendar

Manage Community Calendar phone lines and audio recordings.

Screenshot of the recordings manager for Community Calendar

Upload Community Calendar recordings or edit descriptions imported from your existing website event calendar.

Screenshot of the analytics available in manager dashboard for the Community Calendar

View statistics on daily and monthly Community Calendar calls.

How Much Does It Cost?
  • One-time Setup Fee: $250

    Includes unlimited training and planning consultation.

  • Annual Subscription: $900

    View our pricing page for details.

  • Consortium pricing available.

    Contact us.