Storytime Commons - Collection Development Policy

Purpose of Collection

The LibraryCall Storytime Commons is an online repository of content available to LibraryCall customers. The purpose of the Storytime Commons is to provide a platform for LibraryCall customers to access and share high-quality, educational, enriching, and inclusive audio content.

Future Planning and Resources

The Storytime Commons collection is funded by 10% of the profit from fees collected by LibraryCall Dial-a-Story customers.  The collection budget will be used to purchase rights to current, original material from authors with a focus on authors of color.

Scope of Collection 

The Storytime Commons is intended to be a repository of high-quality, engaging audio content, read by diverse readers. Diverse and inclusive authors and topics are prioritized whenever possible.

The scope of the collection will also be largely driven by the requirements of LibraryCall customers. 

The expectation is that some portion of the material in Storytime Commons will be contributed by customers. LibraryCall staff are responsible for adding at least two new stories per week.

The initial material in the collection has been largely contributed by the LibraryCall team and is focused on audio stories for early readers in English and Spanish. The expectation is that content types could expand to include multiple languages and multiple content types including poetry, oratory, radio shows, essays, podcasts, and that the target audience could include children, teens, adults, and seniors. The expansion of the collection will be largely driven by customer contribution to the Commons and customer demand. 
Content shall include public domain material recorded by the LibraryCall team, existing public domain recordings, material contributed to the Storytime Commons with written permission of the copyright holder and original material for which LibraryCall has obtained a limited license for LibraryCall Dial-a-Story use only.
Storytime Commons content will be hosted in the LibraryCall Storytime Commons online repository built, maintained, and hosted by Galecia Group.  All Storytime Commons content will be housed and archived on in mp3 format. Commons content will be made available to LibraryCall customers for a subscription fee.
Whenever possible, the collection will include resource lists recommending titles and activities to accompany titles. These should also reflect current best practices for diversity and inclusion by the American Library Association.

Collection Responsibility

The Storytime Commons Collection is managed and maintained by dedicated staff at Galecia Group.  Materials submitted to the Commons must be vetted by Galecia Group staff for diversity and inclusivity and to ensure the subject and language is appropriate for the intended audiences.

Feedback or concerns regarding Storytime Commons titles or resource content can be directed to

Collection Evaluation and Measurements

The collection will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. Statistics will be measured quarterly, including usage statistics and feedback from library users. Selection and deselection will include the collection policy guidelines as well as evaluation of usage statistics and feedback from LibraryCall customers who may suggest topics, authors, and content type needed for their Dial-a-Story programming. Material may be withdrawn for lack of demand or if the content is no longer deemed acceptable as a result of changing cultural sensitivities.

Policy Revision

The collection policy will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis or more frequently as needed.

updated 18 February 2021