Arizona State Library CARES Act Calling Program Intake Form

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Thanks for signing up for the Arizona State Library CARES Act Calling Program.  Please complete this form by October 31st, 2021.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Enter the name of your library, e.g., "Anytown Public Library"
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Designate one contact person who is authorized to make decisions about your library's service.
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Calendar Plans
Calendar Narrator
Our "bot" will read upcoming entries aloud to callers directly from your existing online event calendar (where available).
Your staff will record audio clips describing upcoming events and upload them to our system to be played for callers.
Dial-A-Story Plans
Content Preference
ResourceLine Plans
What information resources do you intend to provide to callers?
What's your vision for your telephone-based programming?  Do you have an idea for a new program that could be accessed by telephone?  A new type of content beyond traditional Dial-A-Story?  Share your thoughts here so we can better support your program.