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Meet Lauren, our new Content Developer

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We’re thrilled to introduce you to Lauren Kratz Prushko, LibraryCall’s newest Content Developer. Lauren has been a children’s librarian for over 13 years. She brings a wealth of talent and experience to her work, including audio production, writing, storytelling, and incredible enthusiasm. Outside of her work with LibraryCall, Lauren is a children’s librarian at Los Angeles Public Library, where she produces podcasts with youth. She also serves on the Coretta Scott King Book Awards Executive Board. Lauren will be focusing on developing stories that reflect the diverse lives of children and families. 

Lauren Kratz Prushko is smiling behind a large stack of children's book. A small turtle is on top of the book stack.

Q&A with Lauren

What book genres do you like to read? 

My absolute favorite book genre to read since I was a child has been mysteries. I loved reading Nancy Drew and the Boxcar Children books and then launched into all the Agatha Christie novels. Something is thrilling about putting the pieces together of the mystery along with the characters in the books. Now I know plenty of twelve and thirteen-year-olds that ask for Agatha Christie and Raymond Chandler books at the library! There are many mysteries for children of all ages. My favorite mystery series for younger readers is the King & Kayla series, including King & Kayla and the Missing Dog Treats, book one by Dori Hillestad Butler. 

 What are your favorite things about being a librarian?

One of the biggest joys of being a children's librarian is providing interactive and high-energy storytimes every week and providing weekly innovative programming for school-age children to keep them engaged with the public library past storytime. Through all the programming, I can get to know all the children and their families so that they trust my book recommendations while we walk around the library. Another perk is getting to order the books for the children's collection every month. 

 What types of stories are you excited to develop for the LibraryCall community?

I am excited to develop and adapt folk tales worldwide, especially the Caribbean Islands since my mother immigrated from Trinidad and Tobago when she was a child. I am also excited to develop stories for pre-school and school-age children featuring diverse characters, including mysteries, humor, and friendship stories. 

 What is your favorite thing to eat?

I grew up in Queens, New York City, so my favorite thing to eat is pizza, and I could eat a Margherita pizza every day.


We’re looking forward to sharing Lauren’s stories with you in the coming months! 



Learn about LibraryCall's talented new Content Developer, Lauren Kratz Prushko. Lauren will be focusing on developing stories that reflect the diverse lives of children and families.