Statistics, scheduling, Spanish stories you can use - Dial-a-Story Studio

Submitted by loriayre on Fri, 03/19/2021 - 05:58 PM PDT

Hard to come up with more content for your Dial-a-Story program?  Let us help!

What sets our service apart from Dial-a-Story programs you may be more familiar with is that our service ensures you always have a story available because you have all the stories in our Storytime Commons available to choose at any time.

Don't have a native Spanish speaker to tell stories?  Let us help!

We've got Spanish stories recorded by our in-house, native Spanish speaker. We have translated dozens of stories into Spanish including some original stories our good friends have contributed!

Wondering how many kids are listening to your stories?  Let us help!

With your LibraryCall dashboard, you can track how many callers are using your service and how many minutes they've listened to your stories. Stash that info into your Annual Report!!

Love the idea of Dial-a-Story but just don't have the staff to do it?  Let us help!

With our fully managed service, you just sign-up for a new story every - Spanish or English - and we take care of the rest. We provide a new story every week in the language of your choice and we keep you informed of the number of callers and listener minutes.  All for $1,000/year.

Wishing you could organize all the stories you've read for Dial-a-Story or Storytime and re-use them?  Let us help!

We provide you with your own library of audio content that you can easily schedule for a day, a week or however long you like.  Our scheduling tool is easy to use for planning way ahead.  Stories can be setup well in advance so even when your favorite storyteller is on vacation, the stories can continue!

Have a lot of recorded Zoom storytimes or YouTube videos that would work for Dial-a-Story?  Great!

Our file converter automatically converts virtually any type of content into the format we need to deliver over the phone for your Dial-a-Story program. All you have to do is upload it!