Celebrating 17 new stories from Merced County

Submitted by madeline on Fri, 11/12/2021 - 04:15 PM PST

When we developed LibraryCall, one of our goals was to create a repository where you could share great content with each other. That idea has proven to be trickier to execute than we originally imagined. In creating the Storytime Commons, it has been important to make sure all stories are copyright-free (or licensed to us appropriately), that your library’s intellectual property (your recordings, adaptations, and original content) is protected, and that the recordings we add include metadata that will be useful to all LibraryCall users. We have worked through many of these challenges with the help of one of our very first customers, Merced County Library. (Thank you, Merced!!)

Today we're celebrating the addition of our very first -- and wildly successful-- library contribution of stories to the Commons-- 17 titles, all recorded and adapted by talented Merced County Library staff members!

  1. Why Dogs Sniff: The Story of the Dogs’ Dinner Party 
  2. Chicken Little  
  3. The Tale of Tom Kitten 
  4. Willie Mouse 
  5. The Circus Procession 
  6. Johnny Crow’s Garden 
  7. Why Pigs Have Curly Tails 
  8. The Table, the Sifter, and the Pinchers 
  9. The Little Pine Tree 
  10. Los tres barcos  
  11. El príncipe oso 
  12. Las joyas estrellas 
  13. El pastor y el ruiseñor 
  14. El tesoro enterrado 
  15. El ganso de oro 
  16. El pinito 
  17. El oso, la mona, y el cerdo 

 We hope you’ll check out Merced’s stories, and then consider sharing your own! Let us know you’re interested in sharing your recording by clicking “Share to Commons” in the Storytime Commons tab when you upload your recording in the LibraryCall Manager. 

 Funding to Share Your Community Stories

Some of you have considered using your LibraryCall service to record and share oral histories and community stories. This humanities grant opportunity from ALA may help you fund those efforts: https://www.ala.org/tools/programming/ARPhumanities/guidelines#Requirements. The deadline to apply is Dec. 2, 2021.


Happy Storytelling, 

Madeline and the LibraryCall team


We're celebrating the first -- and wildly successful  -- contribution of stories from Merced County Library to the Storytime Commons!