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With Gratitude

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We’re thankful for wonderful customers like you. Our team has enjoyed serving you this year, and we wanted to share our heartfelt appreciation.

The word grateful, each letter a different color


New Story

We've added a brand new LibraryCall recording, perfect for this month of gratitude.

Tree with handprint leaves

The Thankful Tree by Lorena Romero

José Luis can't wait to spend his fall break playing Minecraft-- his favorite game and the thing he is most thankful for in the world. But a family trip to Mexico gets in the way of his gaming plans, and José Luis is beyond bummed. When he arrives in Mexico and meets his cousin for the first time, José Luis realizes he might have more to be thankful for than he ever imagined.


We share our gratitude for our wonderful customers, and we highlight a new story about a boy who visits his family in Mexico for the first time and realizes he has more to be thankful for than he ever imagined.