Dial-A-Story Outreach Templates

We provide customizable outreach templates to help LibraryCall libraries promote Dial-A-Story services in their communities!

Dial-A-Story Single-Number Template - Arizona 2021
This template is designed for libraries with a single Dial-A-Story telephone number.  It is available in three orientation formats: square, portrait, and landscape.  This template features a custom footer for libraries participating in the 2021 Arizona State Library CARES Act Calling Program.

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Statistics, scheduling, Spanish stories you can use - LibraryCall Dial-a-Story

Submitted by loriayre on Fri, 03/19/2021 - 05:58 PM PDT

Hard to come up with more content for your Dial-a-Story program?  Let us help!

What sets our service apart from Dial-a-Story programs you may be more familiar with is that our service ensures you always have a story available because you have all the stories in our Storytime Commons available to choose at any time.

Don't have a native Spanish speaker to tell stories?  Let us help!

Welcome Phoebe Owens - Content Strategist for our LibraryCall suite of services

Submitted by jim on Sun, 12/13/2020 - 07:28 AM PST

We are delighted to announce that Phoebe Owens, a powerhouse from Portland, has joined The Galecia Group to help shepherd the development and outreach of our LibraryCall suite of services. We were looking for content developers and we found Phoebe and she has jumped on board and kick started our work getting LibraryCall and especially our Dial-a-Story service on the fast track. We are delighting to already be providing dial-a-story services to libraries during this time when so many people have been left behind.