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Defining success when it comes to your Dial-A-Story service

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One of the challenges of offering a dial-a-story service is that the people who need it most are not online. That's the point. We are offering a service for people that don't have Internet access and rely on their phone for connectivity.  So, putting ads on the Facebook page and on the library website aren't going to reach the target audience.

Dial-A-Story Outreach Templates

We provide customizable outreach templates to help LibraryCall libraries promote Dial-A-Story services in their communities!

Dial-A-Story Single-Number Template - Arizona 2021
This template is designed for libraries with a single Dial-A-Story telephone number.  It is available in three orientation formats: square, portrait, and landscape.  This template features a custom footer for libraries participating in the 2021 Arizona State Library CARES Act Calling Program.

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