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Sharing Summer Stories

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Hello, and Happy Summer Reading! 

As the weather heats up, so does the pressure on libraries to keep young people engaged with fun and educational programs. We know how hard you work during the summer months to make sure kids have access to learning opportunities. What Summer Reading plans are you most proud of this year?

Collage of story covers featuring mermaids, swimming, and camping

Selecting Summer Stories

For those of you with Dial-A-Story Studio accounts, we've provided some lists of recommended summer titles from the Storytime Commons. Whether you’re using the Collaborative Summer Library Program’s All Together Now theme, iRead's Find Your Voice theme, or doing your own thing, here are some stories to consider scheduling:

All Together Now (Kindness, Friendship, Unity)


Find Your Voice (Social Justice, Empowerment, History, STEM)


Summery Stories


Online Streaming: Another Way to Share Your Stories

LibraryCall customers-- are you taking advantage of our online story streaming feature? Our web widget provides another way to share your stories with families 24/7 through your library’s website.

Image of an example web widget featuring the cover of The Little Red Hen and a button for playing the story online

For more information about setting up a web widget for your library, visit the Widget Instructions page in the LibraryCall Manager, or submit a support request email and we’ll get back to you right away. This feature is included with both our Studio and Direct Dial-A-Story services. 


Browse our list of recommended Summer Reading titles and learn about LibraryCall's web streaming option for sharing your stories. 

Collage of story covers featuring mermaids, swimming, and camping